Website Management

Businesses, restaurants, stores, and communities are always changing.

Now your website can keep up!

Let our development team work directly with you and your team to make sure your customers can rely on your site as their centralised place for everything they need.

An extension of your team to assist 7 days a week

We’re one email away

There’s a lot we can do in 30 minutes. And to feel like you and your team have your own dev team at your side every day of the week, we’ll handle all of your minor projects.

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Content Edits

Everything related to the front end of your site

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Advanced work on the back end of your site

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Tasks that are outside the scope of our support team

How we work

Emailing your requests:
Kindly direct all requests to the email address your project manager provides your team

One email per request, please:
To avoid any hiccups in our workflow, send each request in a separate email. Bundling multiple edits in one email can create a bottleneck and slow us down.

Adding the URL of the page helps us find what you need and saves us from bugging you! For example:

The more information, the better:
To minimise back-and-forth, provide as many details as possible. Screenshots, videos, error numbers, and thorough descriptions are all very helpful!

Text format matters:
When sending written content for posting or updating, please ensure it’s in a format we can easily copy and pasteā€”no screenshots or images, please.

Don’t forget your files:
Remember to include any files you’d like uploaded, such as images, recordings, and so on.

Content Edit Tasks

Publishing Blog Posts and New Pages:
We’ll share your latest recipes or event announcements using the Word or Text documents you provide.

Adding/Removing/Editing Text:
Count on us to update product descriptions, change opening hours, or make other text modifications on your posts, pages, or products.

Uploading and Adding Images:
Send us your new product images or staff photos, and we’ll incorporate the provided JPG and PNG files into your site.

Cropping/Resizing Images*:
We’ll make sure your banner image looks perfect on your page by adjusting it within the website dashboard

*Please note: The dev team can only crop imagery within your website itself. We’re terrible at Photoshop, but our graphic design and ux/ui team can always step in at an hourly rate for more complex work.

Updating SEO Elements:
With guidance from your or Smashed Avo’s SEO team, we’ll update your keywords, titles, and snippets to enhance search visibility.

Modifying Menu Items:
We can add, remove, or edit menu items, such as incorporating a new “Testimonials” page in your main menu.

Configuring Popups, Notification Bars, and Slide-ins:
Simply provide us with text, images, and examples, and we’ll create promotional popups, notification bars, or slide-ins for your site.

Creating Image Galleries:
Display your recent projects or events in an attractive image gallery on your website.

Editing Page URLs:
Optimise your URL structure by changing it from something like “” to ““.

Managing User Accounts:
We’ll assist you in adding, removing, or editing user accounts, such as providing editor access to new team members.

Uploading PDFs:
Allow your audience to access your event programme or product brochure by uploading PDFs to your website.

Adjusting Widgets:
Keep your blog sidebar interesting and useful by updating it with recent posts widgets or other engaging elements.

Technical Tasks

Personalising Theme Options:
Customise your website by adjusting the font, colour scheme, or other visual elements through theme settings.

Creating URL Redirects:
Help visitors find the right content by redirecting outdated blog post URLs to their updated counterparts.

Customising Form Fields:
Tailor your contact form by adding, removing, or editing fields such as phone numbers, email addresses, or text inputs.

Implementing Custom CSS/JS:
Personalise your website’s appearance by making tweaks to the navigation menu, hover effects, or other design elements using CSS/JS.

Bulk Text Replacements:
Efficiently update multiple instances of text, like changing your old company name to the new one, with search and replace functionality.

Inserting Code Snippets with WP Hooks:
Add custom messages or code snippets to specific areas of your website, such as the top of all blog posts, using WordPress hooks.

Troubleshooting Minor Issues:
Address layout problems or compatibility issues between plugins and themes to ensure a smooth browsing experience.

Setting Up Website Analytics:
Integrate Google Analytics or other tracking tools to better understand your site’s performance and visitor behaviour.

Testing Forms and E-commerce:
Make sure contact forms are submitted correctly and e-commerce checkout processes run smoothly for a seamless user experience.

Things we can do but are outside of this service

Advanced Graphic Design Tasks:
Creating custom graphics or editing images beyond basic resizing or cropping.

SEO and Analytics Expertise:
Developing a tailored SEO strategy, reviewing existing efforts, or consulting on analytics insights.

Copywriting Services:
Writing engaging content for posts, pages, products, or legal documents such as Cookie Permissions and Privacy Policies.

Host-related Optimisation:
Fine-tuning server settings for improved website performance and faster loading times on third-party servers

Plugin and Extension Procurement:
Purchasing and managing plugins, license keys, or extensions to enhance website functionality.

Custom Build-outs and Development:
Creating new major functionalities, such as setting up online stores, rebuilding content with a different page builder, developing custom plugins, or brand new pages.

Third-party Vendor Interaction:
Liaising with third-party vendors, such as non-Smashed Avo hosting providers, email providers, or plugin/theme support teams, to resolve technical issues.